Viral Photo Captures Power Dynamic Between Trump and Nancy Pelosi

October 18th 2019 8:11PM
WASHINGTON — When President Trump tweeted a photograph of Speaker Nancy Pelosi rising to storm out of a meeting with him this week in the ...

Everyone on Twitter is standing by Meghan Markle after a heartbreaking video

October 18th 2019 7:48PM
Harry compared the tabloids' treatment of his wife to that of his late mother, Princess Diana. Harry wrote ... Jesus. This just broke my heart. .... Photo of nurse breaking down after stillborn delivery goes viral.

Heart-rending photo of distressed nurse goes viral: 'She's gonna kill me for this pic'

October 18th 2019 7:26PM
A photo of a Texas nurse who had just finished a grueling workweek has gone viral for bringing attention to the workload nurses carry on a regular ...